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It turns out I'm the kind of person who names their cars. Well, the cars I like, anyway. Three years into my minivan experience, and I can scarcely believe how much I resisted the idea. (First world problems, right?) My previous car was dubbed Polly Priuspants, an homage to Cartman's tea party companion. My Honda Odyssey, keeper of toddler souls, bearer of a fleet of five year olds, has earned the name Nausicaa. The reasons are threefold: Na [...]

Oh, the joys and challenges of having a unique name. On the one hand, when your coffee is ready, you know the name that's called out is definitely yours. On the other hand, the barista doesn't hear your name correctly in the first place. My alter ego, Jennifer, has enjoyed many a decaf cappuccino. The joy/challenge ratio can be significantly skewed depending on where you live. Not being accepted because you have a weird name is a sad truth in [...]

Has your toddler ever called you "sir?" I can't be the only one. I'm not sure if she's genuinely confused about the gender-appropriate honorific, or if she just thinks it's funny to call Mommy "sir." The last time she did it, I told her that I'm not a "sir." "What are you?" was her reasonable response. "Well, I'm a ma'am," I replied with slight chagrin. "You're a mam? Hehe you are a mammal!" she giggled. Hm, does that make me a "ma'ammal," so [...]