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Did You Have a Good Day

Did You Have a Good Day

Good morning girls
You forgot to put away the cereal
Carry your bowl please
Did someone feed the kitty
You forgot to get dressed first
Did you rinse your bowl
Hurry up
Did you brush your teeth
Turn off the light
Grab your lunch
Put on your sweater
Put on your shoes
Did you brush your hair
Do you have a hair tie
Close the door
Tell me when you’re buckled
Have a good day
I love you
Close the car door

Did you have a good day
Five more minutes on the playground
Grab your backpack
We need to go
Please grab your backpack NOW
Keep up
Tell me when you’re buckled
Answer your sister
Try again with a kinder voice
Stop asking me for a treat
Say hi to Daddy
Tell us about your day
Clean up your snack
Get out your homework stuff
Write down what you read today
Check your work
Put your stuff away

Don’t ignore your sister
Stop yelling
Talk to each other
I said to stop yelling
Girls come here
Answer her the first time
Can you ask nicely
GIRLS what did I tell you
Just give each other space then
Can you feed whiney kitty

Come wash up for dinner
Did you wash
Stop tipping your chair
Can you just face your food please
Sit in the middle of your chair
So tell me what else happened today
Could you take some bites also
Real bites
Don’t pick out the tiny little parts you like
Don’t ask about dessert
You’re tipping the chair again
Bites please
Hurry please
Finish up
You forgot to carry your plate
Scrape that into the trash please
You forgot your glass
AND your napkin

Time to do your bedtime jobs
Stop playing
Do your JOBS
NOW please
Did you brush your teeth
And floss
And go potty
Put on your jammies
Hurry up
You forgot to pick up your dirty clothes
And flush your poo
And turn off the light
And close the door
Put the book away
Go to bed
Put it away
Go to bed now please
Go to bed
Good night
Sleep tight
I love you