About Me

Juniper Nichols really should have been an elven astronaut bellydancer. The next best thing: writing. Now she's telling stories for young adults about characters that have been careening around her brainpan since she was a young adult herself.

Juniper also currently mothers two careening daughters, and has worked in the software/video game industry as a 2D artist. Both her art and her writing focus on character. Elves and the moon are her favorite motifs. <^__^> )O(

She often wears a jade necklace of the New Zealand koru, an unfurling fern that symbolizes growth and new beginnings. Like her protagonists, she’s tackling some major life changes.

Watch for upcoming success stories as she works on her novels, children, elf drawings, and of course - bellydance performances. (Moon launch TBD).

Contact: [email protected]