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Has your toddler ever called you "sir?" I can't be the only one. I'm not sure if she's genuinely confused about the gender-appropriate honorific, or if she just thinks it's funny to call Mommy "sir." The last time she did it, I told her that I'm not a "sir." "What are you?" was her reasonable response. "Well, I'm a ma'am," I replied with slight chagrin. "You're a mam? Hehe you are a mammal!" she giggled. Hm, does that make me a "ma'ammal," so [...]

Sometimes when my daughters bring me flowers from the backyard, it's hard not to say "no muddy boots inside!" Why can't I just leave it at "thanks, they're wonderful, sweetie." It's not that I don't appreciate all the charming things they do, but when I stop to think about it, criticism is usually what I vocalize. My husband has certainly noted this in the way I talk to him, too. I take the good for granted, and assume my family knows that I [...]

When we moved from the woods to the suburbs, my one regret was that our kids would not have direct access to nature right by our driveway. My Dad said they were never worried about me wandering off too far, even when I was a toddler, because there was a field of wildflowers just behind the house to contain me. I dissected them every day, pretending to cook or just satisfying my curiosity. This familiarity with blossoms was my first biology class. [...]