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Young Adult Writer, mom, and erstwhile artist.

Good morning girls You forgot to put away the cereal Carry your bowl please Did someone feed the kitty You forgot to get dressed first Did you rinse your bowl Hurry up Did you brush your teeth Turn off the light Grab your lunch Put on your sweater Put on your shoes Did you brush your hair Do you have a hair tie Close the door Tell me when you’re buckled Have a good day I love you Close the car door Did you have a good day Five [...]

What would you write if you knew you wouldn't be judged for its content? How much could you pour onto the page, if you could blame your silly subconscious for any plot holes and nonsense? And how good would it feel to actually publish something? When I started writing down a dream, I didn't realize I would be answering these questions for myself. It was one of those dreams that makes you want to hit the snooze button ten times, in the hopes of re [...]

It may be especially common in the children's literature field for writing and parenting to be linked. On one level, it seems obvious - we have kids, so why not use our talents to write for them? And yet, parents are incredibly overworked. Why do we choose this incredibly busy period of our lives to write books? In my first Writing While Parenting interview, we heard from spiritual activist Ami Chen - click to the previous article if you haven't [...]

Today is the first interview in a series examining the interrelated roles that writing and parenting have on our lives. I'm so lucky to have my friend Ami as my first guest! Unsurprisingly, her impressive background in self-examination produced some answers that will keep me thinking for a long time. First, a little about Ami, and then we'll get on to the questions! Ami Chen Mills-Naim is a global speaker, coach, trainer, editor and author of Sta [...]